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Economics for beginners Course



8.2 Determinants of Price Elasticity of Supply (PES)

Determinants of price elasticity of supply. This article will explain what determines the price elasticity of supply of a good ...
Price Determination, price mechanism, supply, Demand

9. Price Determination

Price determination. This article will explain what an equilibrium price is and how an equilibrium price is formed using a ...
GDP, what is GDP

1. What is GDP and how is it measured?

What is GDP and how is it measured? GDP dropped over 20% in April in the UK. This article will ...
Inflation, CPI, consumer price index, CPI inflation

2. Inflation

Inflation. This article will explain the basic principles of CPI inflation and will define basic terms such as inflation, deflation, ...
Employment and unemployment, employment, unemployment, PPF,

3. Employment and Unemployment

Employment and unemployment. This article will explain what unemployment is and how it is measured. Furthermore, the article will discuss ...
Balance of payments, current account

4. Balance of Payments

Balance of payments. The UK balance of payments current account for Q1 (2020) is sitting £-2.1 billion This article will ...
Consumer and producer surplus, consumer surplus, producer surplus

10. Consumer and Producer Surplus

This article will explain consumer and producer surplus are and will also discuss the impact of increases in consumer and ...
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11. Taxes

This article will go through the different types of taxes and will explain where the incidence of taxes lies. Furthermore, ...